How to Send Your Healing Questions or Concerns to Psychic Erika

If you have questions related to emotional healing (Spiritual or Psychic Healing) you can get a surface reading for free by sending your questions Here. This surface reading will briefly explain why and how the communication with the subconscious can help with your specific concern. Then you can decide upon a full reading whose cost ranges between US$40.oo to US$80.oo.

This reading includes, where it applies, a surface divination, the use of the Tarot and other divinatory methods, the general type of Karma influencing your destiny, to help you to interpret and solve your emotional concerns according to your questions.

Please, note that the free readings will be answered within 8 to 10 working days, provided that your questions involve emotional healing. If you want your reading within 24 to 48 hours, you can enter a US$3.oo payment below after you send your questions. If you do the payment and do not send the questions, you will receive an email from Psychic Erika sent to the email in your Paypal account for you to send your questions.

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