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Full Past Lives Reading: US$60.oo

I can tell you about your relationships, marriages, careers, jobs, social and power positions, causes of death, health problems, sex, countries you lived in, and other important aspects of your past lives.

With a regression you will have access to your past lives which hold important information for you in order to succeed today in your life. Knowing who you were in your past lives throw light about who you will become in this life success wise, and also how you can change the wrong paths rooted in your subconscious mind. You can change you future for the better with past lives interpretation.

I will need your email, full name, sex, date, place of birth information and, if it applies, the same information for the other person to include in the reading.

You can include another person to find out what past lives were shared together. Only one question is allowed for the reading.

Before paying, you can send me your information by pressing the link below. Then, I will reply you including the above payment access. The best way for you is sending your email first.

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